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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Biggest Mistake PR People Make w/ Articles

To increase your exposure, raise your profile and get more free need an additional free outlet to extend your message and reach more qualified readers to hear your message or the message of your clients.

You may already know about the power of syndicating your articles as a strategy to increase your exposure with very little cost, but most article directories and websites reject articles sent in by PR people.

Why is that?

Because the article comes off as a press release. Mistake #1 of many that most PR professionals make.

Did you know you with some very small, but important tweaks to your existing press releases and PR copy that you can reformat them into quality original articles that can be distributed (in most cases for free) directly into the hands of millions of content hungry webmasters and ezine publishers who are looking for content?

Recently, Christopher Knight, Publisher of the very popular website released over 100 insider tips, many that were not shared before, all designed to help you painlessly navigate the article writing, submission, distribution and exposure process.

Article Secrets Revealed

You'll learn the answers to the top 45 article writing & marketing questions asked by over 400 authors who already have their feet wet and participate in Chris's website.

He also covers what the ideal length of article is to achieve maximum distribution, an article TITLE secret that you will blow you away and how to get your articles to convert into traffic back to you or your client's website.

Article Secrets Revealed of the Biggest Mistakes & More

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Attention Authors

You are the expert.

You know you are the expert at your specialty topic.

You've written hundreds or even thousands of pages of content.

You may even be the best in the world at what you know and do.

But, do you know specifically how to use a small fraction of your existing content to create an avalanche of qualified visitors to your website or to purchase your books, audio books, physical or digital information products?

I wanted to be one of the first to tell you about Chris Knight (he's the Publisher of (home to over 20,000 expert authors just like you)) newest insider article production product called:

"Article Production Strategies"

You'll learn article writing production secrets to painlessly help you squeeze more articles out of your existing content, create new articles that go immediately to work for you and convert your existing and soon-to-be written articles into huge landslides of qualified visitors & traffic back to your website.
Article Production Strategies

Like you, I've been writing and distributing my articles for years, but they never seem to create the kind of return that warrants the investment of time to put them into distribution...till now!

You get (2) hours of audio and a 25 page PDF document outlining dozens of article syndication secrets that can help turn your expertise into more qualified leads and buyers back to your website...or even land you a gig on a TV, Radio show, or a major newspaper interview (it happens every day).
Article Production Strategies

There are clear formulas being used by a very small percentage of the authors who write articles to drive leads and traffic. In this 2 hour workshop and special report, you'll be able to spot the trends, gain the knowledge advantage and grab key insights to help you take your ROI on article writing to the next level.

He's already nailed down the best practices for writing articles in a production environment and now you can leverage these secrets for your business. He'll walk you through it step by step and I know this product can give you the edge!

For a limited time, you can acquire this Article Production Strategies product for $20 off the regular price as a charter client, but hurry as you'll have to act fast before the price goes up to the regular price of $97:
Article Production Strategies

All the Best!
Maria Boomhower
The Master Communicator

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Monday, February 20, 2006

Article Production Secrets

Communication is at the heart of what I do and what I am about.
It is my desire to assist others to connect and truly get their message across as intended.
One of the ways is through your writing and articles. The power of words to change your life and achieve success in whatever you desire is paramount, especially with today's technology.
That is why I endorse Christopher Knights detailed product on how you too can create successful articles for your business and personal success.
Read On:

To earn more revenue you need more traffic!

And not only more traffic, but you need *huge gobs* of traffic... the kind of traffic that comes by thousands, tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of qualified visitors to your website day after day, month after month.

Christopher Knight knows traffic. Since midnight this morning, over 32,000 visitors have already surfed his website.

The source of that traffic?

The article syndication model.

It works for him, his team, the 18,000+ experts who participate in his site, and this same model can work for you!

To help you wrap your mind around how article syndication works, mistakes to avoid, and how you can leverage this strategy to grow your adsense sales and traffic -- Chris polled 10,000 of his authors and invited them to a one night event. 415 of his expert authors showed up and asked 70+ questions... many questions that are most likely on your mind as well. Of those 70 questions, 45 were unique... which lead Chris to create the "Article Production Secrets"
course on how you can get started today!

Article Production Secrets

Here's what you will learn:

o) How to crank up the traffic your articles can generate for your website(s)
o) The (1) secret that 14% of Authors Know that the other 86% don't
o) (7) Article Content Sources you may have overlooked
o) An Article Idea Generator that will help you plow through any slow creativity periods
o) Article Writing Production Mistakes Newbies Make That You Must Avoid
o) How to double your article inventory in 90 days or less
o) 3 Simple Article Templates To Help You Begin Your Article Production Mentality
o) Strategies To Track Your Article Writing Production
o) Where you should be submitting your articles (my 3 tier approach)
o) Helping you identify which topics get the most interest so you can focus your time better
o) The basics of keyword research and when to and not to use it with your articles
o) Mistakes that far too many authors make in the RESOURCE BOX that ruins their results
o) How to convert readers of your articles into traffic
o) Article title mistakes to avoid and strategies to test
o) How to be a white hat article writer and be a good netcitizen to the search engines
o) Should you worry about the duplicate content penalty or not?
o) What you should know about 3rd party article submission software
o) How you can double or triple your article production even if you already are an expert
o) What the ideal length is for an article and which length gets a higher distribution
o) Article format basics, length, font attributes, etc.
o) An example of a highly optimized and effective resource box
o) Ways to manage multiple brands or topics that you write articles about
o) ...and insider article secrets from the editorial team

Limited time special for my members:
Article Production Secrets

Long after you've made the very small investment in Chris' course, even the smallest amount of action you take will pay traffic dividends for many years to follow.

Are you scared about doing article syndication wrong or worse, tripping a duplicate content penalty or hurting yourself by accident from doing something the search engines won't like?

Let Chris help steer you clear of search engine mistakes, put on your white hat and learn how you can HELP make the search engines look like the good guys while they deliver you and your articles highly qualified visitors that convert into more pay-per-click advertising revenue in your pocket!

Click the link below now:
Article Production Secrets

All the Best!
Maria Boomhower
The Master Communicator
"Command Attention & Confidence"
Communication Mastery
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Friday, February 17, 2006

Your USP in Your Resource Box

USP just what is a USP.

It is your Unique Selling Position.
This is very important for your business to have. It is also part of your branding.
It delivers a message to your audience about who you are and why you are different from the rest.

It is not necessarily enough to be unique, you also want to be different and express the benefits

Jay Abraham says, or suggests that "not only should your USP convey that you offer a unique advantage over your competitors, but stated as such, that you are perceived as the only viable solution to your target market’s problem."

To brainstorm your USP, write out all the reasons why you are different.
Then write it out in 20 words, then 10, then 15 and then 3 to 7 words.

Play with it; ask others what it means to them.

Remember that the words you use will attract the customers or leave them cold.
You may have to try one out and then modify it until it works. By changing the words you can have people rushing to your door for the same product, where you had no response before.

Once you have it, use it.
*On your website
*On your sig file
*On your blog
And of course
*In your resource box.

Get people to relate it to you.

Also, some recommended reading would be:
"Positioning: The Battle For Your Mind." By Al Riese
"Differentiate Or Die," by Al Ries.
"Personal Branding Phenomenon." by Peter Montoya

You can look them up here:

Maria Boomhower
The Master Communicator,
Golden Falcon Recommends

PS: Watch for an exciting announcement
9am Tuesday February 21, 2006

Are you a writer, author, ezine publisher, webmaster,
publisher, entrepreneur, coache, consultant,
small and medium size business person, or someone who engages in
the practice of using article marketing to enhance their traffic,
credibility, leads and sales.

I was told that I must wait until Tuesday at 9am EST before
giving you the link..

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Resource Boxes

this is an audio post - click to play

Just what are they and how do I use them effectively.

Basically, a resource box is where you state who you are and where the readers can find you. Sounds simple, right? However, it can be frustrating and confusing for many people.

In addition, there isn't one standard out there.
Some article directories don't even have one for you and you need to remember to place it at the end of your article.

Some want them filled out in advance and then attached to your articles as they arrive. Now this can be a time saver, but what if you have more than one website or service and want the different articles to reflect the different sites. You then have to go and manually make the changes on the different page and then enter your article.
I have even seen some directories that want to approve them before you can proceed. I do understand why they would, but this can use up a lot of your time.

The directories even have different thoughts on the size and content of the resource box. Some of them are generous and open about what you can place there. Others are very restrictive and allow only enough characters to state your name and website.
On average, I have seen any where from 250 to 1000 characters allowed for the resource box.

You then need to make a personal decision on whether or not you even want to place you article there. It is about weighing the pros and cons of how it affects you, your article and the results you are looking for.

Then there are the links to your site. Most will allow up to three, but I have seen only one or two allowed as well. Some will say that you must put the html code in so it will be an active link and others have software that does it for you.

What I do is to write out two or three versions for my resource box that I can use. Then I don't have to keep changing them as I go along. It helps to have a catchy USP or offer that will persuade the readers to go to your site. In addition, having it written in different lengths and versions will speed up the process and help you distribute more easily.

Next time we will go over USP. In the mean time keep writing.

Maria Boomhower
The Master Communicator,

has won awards for excellence in video productions & photo journalism & training. Maria has a passion for metaphysics and quantum theories, which enabled her to bring in the human aspects of communication to empower others. She also runs an article directory that includes writing & submission training.

Find out more at:
Communication Mastery Articles

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Disguised As An Article

There are many sites that tell you not to submit any articles that are sales letters disguised as an article. No matter how cleverly disguised. And there are people who will try. Besides the fact that this can be very annoying to the host / owner of the article directory. This can also be very harmful to the author as well.

You see people come to the article directories looking for good articles, with quality content. Either they want to read up on a subject to understand it better, or they are looking for relevant material for their website, blog or newsletter. They do not intend to post your sales letter on their site for you. It is important to remember that everything you do, say and write communicates a message about you.

When you try to get away with having a sales letter for an article,
the consequences of this will be:

1.You’ll have missed having your articles posted on several potential sites.
2. You’ll have missed out on several potential back links.
3. You will have lost credibility.

Instead of looking like an expert in a field, you can look like a person looking to make a quick buck.

    The thoughts that the public may have about you now are:
  • Your product or service is secondary
  • Your customer service is probably lacking
  • Your clients probably do not matter

  • So what is the difference between a sales letter and an article.
  • An sales letter promotes
  • An article teaches
  • A sales letter talks about the company or product
  • An article explains and guides you on a subject

  • One way I have seen people try to disguise them, is to have the article in an interview style and repeated say, said John Smith of "My".

    This is a quick way to have your article deleted and your time wasted.
    One Reason: you didn’t stop to consider what affect your sales letter in disguise would have on the directory of whom are also trying to build their reputation as a place with quality content.

Now you may say, but that is why I am writing an article so that I can get more clients and make more sales. Yes, that is the goal for most people in the end. However, when you write an excellent article that is related to your website or service, it should lead the reader to the logical conclusion that they desire more information from you.
Your article should naturally show that you are knowledgeable on a subject. And subsequently if the reader goes to your website, they can find even more in this area.

I am a firm believer in, how you treat others will ultimately affect how you are treated and how you business will turn out. When you try to cheat the directories, the search engines or they system as a whole, you end up cheating yourself in the end.

Just look at your article and ask yourself, have I written something of quality and good or excellent content or is this just a sales letter promoting myself. If the answer if the former, then submit your article and watch the rewards flow in.

Maria Boomhower
The Master Communicator,

has won awards for excellence in video productions & photo journalism & training. Maria has a passion for metaphysics and quantum theories, which enabled her to bring in the human aspects of communication to empower others. She also runs an article directory that includes writing & submission training.

Find out more at:
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Monday, January 09, 2006

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