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Monday, February 20, 2006

Article Production Secrets

Communication is at the heart of what I do and what I am about.
It is my desire to assist others to connect and truly get their message across as intended.
One of the ways is through your writing and articles. The power of words to change your life and achieve success in whatever you desire is paramount, especially with today's technology.
That is why I endorse Christopher Knights detailed product on how you too can create successful articles for your business and personal success.
Read On:

To earn more revenue you need more traffic!

And not only more traffic, but you need *huge gobs* of traffic... the kind of traffic that comes by thousands, tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of qualified visitors to your website day after day, month after month.

Christopher Knight knows traffic. Since midnight this morning, over 32,000 visitors have already surfed his website.

The source of that traffic?

The article syndication model.

It works for him, his team, the 18,000+ experts who participate in his site, and this same model can work for you!

To help you wrap your mind around how article syndication works, mistakes to avoid, and how you can leverage this strategy to grow your adsense sales and traffic -- Chris polled 10,000 of his authors and invited them to a one night event. 415 of his expert authors showed up and asked 70+ questions... many questions that are most likely on your mind as well. Of those 70 questions, 45 were unique... which lead Chris to create the "Article Production Secrets"
course on how you can get started today!

Article Production Secrets

Here's what you will learn:

o) How to crank up the traffic your articles can generate for your website(s)
o) The (1) secret that 14% of Authors Know that the other 86% don't
o) (7) Article Content Sources you may have overlooked
o) An Article Idea Generator that will help you plow through any slow creativity periods
o) Article Writing Production Mistakes Newbies Make That You Must Avoid
o) How to double your article inventory in 90 days or less
o) 3 Simple Article Templates To Help You Begin Your Article Production Mentality
o) Strategies To Track Your Article Writing Production
o) Where you should be submitting your articles (my 3 tier approach)
o) Helping you identify which topics get the most interest so you can focus your time better
o) The basics of keyword research and when to and not to use it with your articles
o) Mistakes that far too many authors make in the RESOURCE BOX that ruins their results
o) How to convert readers of your articles into traffic
o) Article title mistakes to avoid and strategies to test
o) How to be a white hat article writer and be a good netcitizen to the search engines
o) Should you worry about the duplicate content penalty or not?
o) What you should know about 3rd party article submission software
o) How you can double or triple your article production even if you already are an expert
o) What the ideal length is for an article and which length gets a higher distribution
o) Article format basics, length, font attributes, etc.
o) An example of a highly optimized and effective resource box
o) Ways to manage multiple brands or topics that you write articles about
o) ...and insider article secrets from the editorial team

Limited time special for my members:
Article Production Secrets

Long after you've made the very small investment in Chris' course, even the smallest amount of action you take will pay traffic dividends for many years to follow.

Are you scared about doing article syndication wrong or worse, tripping a duplicate content penalty or hurting yourself by accident from doing something the search engines won't like?

Let Chris help steer you clear of search engine mistakes, put on your white hat and learn how you can HELP make the search engines look like the good guys while they deliver you and your articles highly qualified visitors that convert into more pay-per-click advertising revenue in your pocket!

Click the link below now:
Article Production Secrets

All the Best!
Maria Boomhower
The Master Communicator
"Command Attention & Confidence"
Communication Mastery
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  • Hi,

    I agree that Chris knows his stuff. Article marketing is still the "rage" 4 years after this post. Well done!

    Take care
    Jeff Casmer

    By Blogger Work at Home Business Blog, at 4:27 PM  

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